Art Freed - Bio - Hot Pixel Inc
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Art Freed – Bio

About This Project

Art Freed is the founder of Hot Pixel Creative which  is rapidly growing from its roots as a boutique post-production company to a full-service production company.  We are roviding content for the worlds most well-known brands and innovative startups.


A 20-year veteran of the media industry, Art is passionate about the emerging opportunities available to brands. “There is an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of the changing media environment.”


As an editor and a p.g.a. producer, Art blends his mastery of production and post into one seamless client experience. “Telling stories that enhance a brands value and documenting the significant events in a companies history are of peak interest to me.”


Art is a husband and the father of two, spending his free time with his family discovering the recreational treasures of California and the West.